Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas day in France

To prepare the Christmas day, we chose differents traditions from our partners. The pupils made the little draws from Estonia and they lived that, it was really funny for them.

 They also produced the oranges with cloves from Hungary, there was a smell of Christmas in the class.

 From german traditions, they cooked the quarkstollen with families and also the wesp nest. It was a real pleasure to discover this cakes and also to taste it, of course. They laughed a lot with the traditional story "Christmas goose Augusta".
For the Christmas market of the school, all productions of the children were exposed. It was a rellaly great success.

 They had the pleasure to built the decorations from Estonia.

 Now, the children look forward to do and post the cards for the happy new year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our international Christmas week at AWO-SpatzenHaus Neukalen

The children created this X-mas wish with many many bottom-tops.
Every year in December all children are excitedly looking forward to Christmas eve. Everywhere there is something secret and you can smell Christmas cakes and candy. So in our SpatzenHaus. 

How did we prepare for the nicest time at the end of the year?

Having collected recipies and searched for traditions we sent our results via the Internet to our Comeniuspartners who, of course, did the same. 

So we could read about traditions like the Christmas Buck in Estonia or sing songs from Hungary or try recipies from France. One day we did a lot of handycraft to show them to our parents and to sell them on a X-mas bazar.

We had a lovely booth at the Christmas market in Dargun. The parents helped us a lot to sell many of our beautiful handcrafts.

Some children baked X-mas cakes and made little houses of gingerbred. Other ones had lots of fun making e.g. brownies (Wichtelmännchen) or creating X-mas cards and X-mas crackers. 
The schoolkids presented their poem at the townhall.
The X-max poem.


The Estonian dolls where really surprised how busy we were. They watched us packing the parcel going to France and they were with us when father Christmas visited our house. Finally we all together went to the post office to send the parcel to France and the X-mas cards to our friends in Hungary, Estonia and France.

Even the smallest create some nice stuff.
We pack our parcel for our friends in France.

Father X-mas visited us and our doll-friends from Estonia.
We had a lot of fun making the little X-mas dwarves.

This was a very special and exciting week for all of us.
We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!